A Bidding Guide For The Amateur Auction Bidder

auction bidding, guideThe call of the auctioneer is always final. So if you didn’t pay attention and missed placing a bid, too bad. Once the auctioneer shouts sold, then that’s just it. Avoid this paying attention for your item when it comes up and holding your bidder card in clear view of the auctioneer or the auctioneer’s ringer. Feel free to even make a loud noise or whistle to grab his attention.

Winning the bid legally makes you the owner of the item as ownership will immediately transfer over to you. You will be given an invoice so that you can pay for the items you one before leaving. Cases, they will hold your items in a secure area with your receipt with it. So all you have to do is pick it up. But in other cases you may be handed your bid and this will make you completely responsible for it. Meaning that if someone was to pick it up and walk off with it that will be solely on you. It was like the carpet cleaning company can be won from an auction as well.

Bids and their lingo: tips for amateur

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Online Auction Tips

online auction tipsThe online shopping capability is fast, convenient, and harmless. The Internet is quite literally a retail paradise full of secure servers, and direct shipping options. He you are when you and so here you are wondering how to get in on these profits. You should not only sell online, should also be smart when selling and buying online. Here are my tips for smart selling online.

Learn everything you need to know

You need to know how much the item you want to buy or sell is actually worth. You need an accurate description of the item and is true value. You don’t want to sell an item for $20 only to find out later that it was a vintage item worth 1500.

Be sure to receive unbiased details or appraisals.

You need to contact an expert to appraise your item, who is neutral and does not want to buy or purchase the item. Why? Because they may give you an undervalue statement, in order to purchase it at a lower value from you.

Ethics matter when it comes to your appraisal

Ethical appraisers base their appraisals on actual sales records are required to do. They shouldn’t have a problem with showing you how much similar pieces have gone for. A proper appraisal, written, must contain definite relative sales records. Appraisers are obligated to make known if they have or have not made an offer to buy the object in question.

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Now playing: The Amateur and the Auction

amateur auctionI’m sure that you have wondered is what life, how does this auction thing really work. For those inexperience or amateur buyers interested in attending an option, you can feel a bit confusing or overwhelming your first time there. Hopefully this article will assist you and simplify the process for you.

What is the purpose of an auction?

The process of buying or selling items by taking bids and ultimately selling to the highest bidder, is the simplest way to explain what an auction is. Say you buy something and you want to sell it, the bidders will bid on this item for items, and then you sell it to the person willing to pay the most for. It’s that simple this process can generally take a few hours, so if you are attending an option it is up to you to sit through it or you may be able to leave after placing and apt to absentee bid.

There are quite a few reasons or purposes behind an auction. However it is a good way to sell belongings quickly, whether you need to sell items from your estate that you are leaving, or maybe a limousine business is going out of business or the owner is retiring,.

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Most Expensive Auction Items Ever Sold

The bidding war will often get quite heated at auctions, especially for prize lots such as works of art by ancient masters. When one million is all that is separating a wealthy buyer from owning a coveted item, he will go all in – but so will the competing buyers will race to win those most expensive auction items. When the rich lock horns in a bidding battle, pride and ego are on the line, with little thought about bank accounts. The result? Some of the most dizzying prices that have ever been fetched at auction.

In 2010, it took a mere eight minutes to smash the record for most expensive work of art ever sold atauction. Revered master Pablo Picasso’s Nude, Green Leaves and Bust sold for an astounding $106.5 million dollars. Of course, Picasso’s work is no stranger to fetching record prices; just six years before, Boy with a Pipe (The Young Apprentice) was sold for a shocking $104.1 million.most expensive auction items

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The Famous Auctioneer’s Chant

Auctioneer’s Chant

“$70, $70, I’m looking for $80, who’ll give me $80″

“will you give me $80? I’ve got $80, $80”

“who’ll give me $90, $90!”

“here we go, we got $100 bid, looking for $200, $200 $200…..”


The auctioneer’s chant is a curious and fascinating part of any auction. Auction newcomers will undoubtedly be transfixed by the auctioneer’s ability to seamlessly unleash a nonstop flow of words.

The auctioneer’s chant is a rapidfire method of calling out to the crowd that is designed to hold the audience’s attention, push them to bid, and ensure that things are selling at a steady rate. An auction is a unique form of sales where all potential customers are gathered together at the same time. The auctioneer is responsible for selling as many things as possible for the highest prices possible. To facilitate this, he uses a chant to keep the bids coming steadily.

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Good and Old Auction House

old auction house
auction, auction house, old auction house,

You’ll run into some people who will be extremely quick to put down auctions. They’ll argue that they are full of mean and judging people, or that the auctioneer is in on the joke with several of the customers, and will deliberately pick them instead of everyone else. The thing is, everything in the world has all of those problems, so what’s the issue if auction houses have those as well? The point about auction houses is that they are home to a truly unique environment that is strange to outsiders, but loved an appreciated by those who live for auction days.

The same is to be said for those who work in the industry. Auction days mean that all of their work and patience will pay off. They can see for themselves the joy in the customer’s faces and the excitement as each piece goes up in price. It’s an exhilarating time when both workers and customers feel that same excitement and wonder as the auctioneer calls out number after number, each one higher than before, a time when just about anything can happen. That’s the magic of money, priceless artifacts, and the excitement and knowledge of both.

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Aloha, welcome to my new blog-REBEL AUCTION! Hope you guys will see this place as a no boundary Patagonia.

Auctions are fun. They enable you to look at all sorts of interesting, unique artifacts or pieces or art (from a distance, albeit) and then you get to choose which one of these beauties is coming home with you. It’s an alluring place for those that have the money to spend, and there’s no doubt that auctions are home to many competitive people and an equally competitive atmosphere as they all fight for one or two items that are of great value. For those that are familiar with auctions, though, they’ll agree that they are places of intrigue and excitement, from start to finish.